Leela – The Game of Life

Posted on Dec 3, 2017

Leela – The Game of Life


The Game of Life
Live the Life of Limitless Freedom.

Dear Ulchemists,
Do you want to live the life of first few days of post-ulchemy session every day?
If so, we have a great news for you.
Each one of us has experienced the fruits of Ulchemy Program and other Guruji Mithreshiva’s Programs.We use the tools and practices given by him and experientially lived the days of real bliss and happiness.But we see a lot of people lose their pattern and track of the tools and practices when they get into the society.
For eg: “Intha Ganantha Matha Mudiyuma?”, he made us see and become aware of the moment and live our life with limitless freedom. For the few days after Ulchemy, you applied it. But now? 
We understand you.
Leela is a Platform where all the Ulchemists can get the access to revive, refresh, re-establish the tools and practices given by Guruji Mithreshiva and live again the life of Limitless freedom.
Ulchemy is the Tools to experience our life at its best whereas Leela is the Game to Play to make others experience these True Knowledge thereby bring us back on track every time we go away.
We always wonder – we truly learn a lot only when we actually teach someone. 
At home, when you teach/educate your child you learn things perfectly. It also happens in your work, when you teach your subordinate, you tend to understand and learn things better.
Giving opens the door of receiving
This is Leela. The Game to reach out what we experienced, thereby experience and learn again.
Like Ulchemist.Palaniswamy,
“I do Dakshina Kriya and applying the tools of Ulchemy every day.It’s making me feel very complete. Each moment, I am deciding and creating the life I wanted.I am experiencing that no outer circumstances and situations never touch my happiness.I am a person of arrogance and short temper before Ulchemy, now it’s like nobody can trigger my emotions without my knowledge.It is happening because of the regular touch with the Core Volunteers, Group Kriya Sessions and involving myself in the activities of the foundation.
Ulchemist.Richard Felson – “I am able to easily come back to my routine on applying all the tools and practices of Ulchemy by just having a regular connectivity in involving few activities with Guruji Mithreshiva”
Many more people are lined up for these kinds of feedback.This is possible for us in Coimbatore, though we have our head office here.All core people, full-timers, Guruji himself gives regular sessions to clarify, ‘put-back to routine’ discussions, regular guidance, and connectivity.
To bring these benefits to all Ulchemists, we are Inaugurating “Leela”.
Leela is a platform,
  • to involve in Karma Yoga to uplift your life.
  • to get reminded of the tools frequently through various mediums.
  • to revive yourself on all the practices through various sessions going to be conducted here.
  • to clarify all your doubts directly with Guruji frequently.
  • to get first-hand guidance on your consistent growth in your personal, family and business life.

and a lot more.

Join us to inaugurate your upfront consistent growth and success. 
Date: Dec 5thTuesday
Time: 6 PM
Venue: Thakkar Baba School Auditorium,
No 58, Venkatnarayana Road, T Nagar, Chennai – 600017.
(Entry to our program hall (VINOBHA HALL) is easy through SADDUULLA STREET,  As it is one way from Venkatnarayan Street)
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