Neerukku Nandri

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Neerukku Nandri (Thanking the Water) is a movement initiated by Guruji Mithreshiva. 

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Who is WATER?

Did you read it right! WHO is Water?

Water is the principle and fundamental element of all life. It is alive by itself, like a human, perhaps even more than a human. It watches, listens, talks, communicates and records everything which comes in contact with him or surrounds him. He is a supreme living being.

How our Ancestors respected Water? 

In the ancient times, Rishis carried water (in a spouted pot called Kamandalam) as a medium to Bless or curse someone by giving instructions to him (water) and then sprinkling it on the person. Religiously, Christians used it as holy water in baptism, Hindus in the form of theertha, Muslims to cleanse themselves before every prayer session and so on. Our Ancestors treated water with immense respect and were to a great extent, EMOTIONALLY  connected to him.

What does Modern Science say about Water?

Modern science has recently acknowledged that water changes it’s molecular structure based on how it is being treated emotionally or how the surrounding is. These impressions are made visible on a microscopic level by swiftly freezing it. Mr. Masaru Emato, a Japanese scientist has devoted 40 years of his life in this fascinating pursuit. His extensive research findings have been compiled into his book which is a New York Best seller, ‘The hidden messages in water’. The below pictures depict how the molecular structure of water responds to various emotions.  

water crystals

The above pictures show Instantaneous changes in the molecular structure due to Emotional/Verbal commands.

How are we treating Water now?

Presently, The emotional connect that our ancestors possessed with water is completely missing.  We are merely treating it as a non living element. Phenomenons like water scarcity are direct consequences of this emotional disconnect.

Need of the Hour!

Right from the day we are born, perhaps even before birth he (water) embraces us in our mother’s womb, till the time of our death and even after death water is our constant companion.

It is high time that we reestablish our EMOTIONAL bond with our beloved FRIEND. The only way to reconnect is to be thankful to him for what he (water) done in our life.


Guruji Mithreshiva realized the truth of water, he felt the most need of the hour is to create awareness and emotional connect between the supreme being (water) and humanity.

for that we had organized A Grand Event to Thank Water on August 6 at Kallanai, Trichy.

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