Ulchemy Plus

Posted on Mar 1, 2017

Ulchemy Plus

Just imagine a Life with,

Immense Bliss,
Smiles on faces,
Love overloaded,
Peace surrounded,
Nature rolling down to pave it’s way.
Forgetting past and future, living in present,

Let us change them all in Reality.

Let us start playing life as a game with no fears. Resonate your life with Universe, feel the immense energy, win over your fears. Live happy, live full, enjoy your life like a game.

ULCHEMY PLUS reveals the secret of your life. Experiential learning about life and how beautiful you can make it.


Dakshina Foundation invites you to Feel the true “Rhythm” of life :

ULCHEMY PLUS  – 3  days Residential program 

Date: December 28,29,30  (Thursday, Friday, Saturday,)

Program Reporting time : December 27th, 5 pm
Program Closing time : December 30th, 4 pm

St. Theodore’s Retreat Centre,
Berahatti B.O,
Wellington P.O.
Nilgiris – 643231

Donation Rs 7,500/- (Including of Food & Accommodation)

For Registration :

96988 80808, 96559 92559, 0422 – 4217222

Website – www.ulchemy.in

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