Happy to introduce our Ulchemist, Sri.Shiva, who designed and delivering this Magical Event


Mr.Siva, our Ulchemist is a man of many facets. He is the architect behind Ulchemy. He is an Entrepreneur, Corporate Consultant, Software Engineer, Business Lead in a MNC, all rolled into one. Above all, he is a strongleader, spiritual guru, good friend and a perpetual learner.

Mr. Shiva’s father is an hotelier who has a chain of vegetarian restaurants to his credits. He is also one of the founding members of a prominent College, which had a very humble beginning. Born and bought up in an affluent family, Mr. Shiva, even as a childwas always curious about everything. He has alwaysbeen determined and tenacious about following things that interest him to the very end.

After finishing his education in Trichy, his hometown, Mr.Shiva began widening his horizon and exploring every opportunity that came his way. He started his career as a Corporate Finance Consultant and that was only the beginning. From there, he climbed the ladder swiftly working in an array of industries from software to banking and hospitality, in India and U.S.A. He worked for MNCs like IBM, Oracle, GEPS, etc. as a top level manager. He is a celebrated individual in all the fields he has ventured. Even with accolades, motivations and awards pouring from all sides, Mr.Shiva’s thirst for knowledge, to do something more never ceased.

This search that was embedded within him from childhood made him to search for knowledge and insights, which he believed would help him understand the spirit of happiness in life. After years of learning and following his search and spending time with spiritual gurus, Mr. Shiva unraveled the unprinted but simple and obvious truth, which must be experienced by everyone for a peaceful and better living.

He knew the knowledge accumulated over years was worth sharing to the world. He wanted the entire world to benefit from his understanding and truth. This led to the birth of Ulchemy. He also established a non-profit, non-religious organization named ‘Dakshina Foundation’ with the sole purpose of delivering Ulchemy to the world.


The ‘Dakshina Foundation’ strives to bring a worthy difference in both the young and old alike. It wants help those individuals caught stifling in the uncertainties of the fast paced world. The foundation endeavours to aid people to channelize their thoughts, unravel their potential and to enhance their overall personality.

Alchemy is a process which transforms low grade metal into precious metal by making a tiny change in it. When this ultimate transformation happens within you, we call it ULCHEMY



We, humans are born happy and carefree. Do infants need a reason to be happy? Of course not!

As we grow and learn new lessons, gain knowledge, acquire possessions, save money, get married, raise children and get acquainted with people, however, we look for more happiness. We compete and reach for things with the sole aim of seeking greater happiness.

If that is the order of the world, shouldn’t we all already be living in heaven?
Reality, however, is entirely different. We are moving away further from the true essence of life. This makes us wonder if our attitude and perception of life is basically wrong.

Yes, it is!

The world seems to have an incorrect assumption of the fundamentals of our life.
Fret, no more. Ulchemy can lead you in your search for happiness. It can lead you to find the ultimate purpose for living.

Ulchemy is an experimental program that will help you understand the nuances and purposes of life and assist you in transforming as an individual.

Is Ulchemy a Yoga program?

Can Ulchemy help me to Control/ Prevent diseases?

People who have undergone surgeries, can they attend Ulchemy?

Can Ulchemy help to find the key to success in life?

Is Ulchemy a Spiritual program?

Can Ulchemy beneficial for teenagers?

Can Ulchemy resolve conflicts between husband and wife?

Can Ulchemy help me in losing weight?

Is Ulchemy a relegious program?

Discover Ulchemy. Experience the Magic. Get Enlightened.

Can’t believe? Listen to People who have already experienced

Ulchemy, the Hidden Secret of Happiness and Success.

Explore  ULCHEMY, Experience the Magic and Get Enlighted!



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