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We are given one life to live, it should be happily fulfilled. Everyone is a masterpiece, but Mithreshiva is Master’s own piece. He can transform your life.

Padma Shri Dr. K.G. Bakthavathsalam

Mithreshiva, the Spiritual Guru will help you understand the truth of life. The energy he creates is tremendous.He gave up on luxuries andcushy career to serve the people. I wish him all success to take this knowledge across the globe.

Mr.K.Ramasamy, Chairman – Roots Group

We have heard that heaven is the place of love, peace, purity and angels.After entering here, my heart is at a stand still. I could feel indescribable joy and tremendous positive vibrations. This is a Divine Place

Mrs. Andal Priyadharshini

I really feel proud of myself in dedicating two full days without spending for entertainment and i experience the completeness from this program. I am really thankful that I learnt so many, all these days i have taken life very easily i din know about my own SELF.Ulchemy was one of the biggest platform and i feel grateful

Priyanka, Student

I entered this hall as an Ayurvedic Doctor but now I stand as a Spiritual Doctor. I feel like floating in air, in fact this is the first level and i am looking forward for further levels.

Muthu Vijaysree, Medical Student

After this program, I have a clear understanding of what my dreams are. Where I need to go and what is the very purpose of my life

Manigandan, M.D. Cratio Software Pvt Ltd.

One becomes so fulfilled that the whole universe is felt not as the other, but as oneself, the universe and you becomes one. This phenomenon is known as Kaivalya.

After this program, I have a clear understanding of what my dreams are. Where I need to go and what is the very purpose of my life.

Manigandan, M.D. Cratio Software Pvt Ltd

The Greatest challenge of losing weight has happened effortlessly after attending ulchemy (I lost 4 kgs within a month)

Mr.Ramadoss, Senior Manager – Vigilance, M/s. HPCL, Chennai.

I am completely out of my 15 years of diabetes after attending this program, without consuming any tablets

Mr.Jawahar, Producer, M/s. Ayngaran International Films, Chennai.


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The body is the most sophisticated gadget. Science has declared that only 1-1.5% of the body is used to its fullest potential. We are a fortunate country as it has produced many masters and saints who have revealed 100% of this sophisticated gadget and utilized it to its fullest potential. Looking at it as knowledge acquisition is the reason why we falter. Rather it has to be experienced. Hence in the two-day program, using the tools of the masters, we will dismantle you and reassemble everything inside you. On completion, your happiness will never decline. We will help you unlock your potential and give you the key to open up the doors to happiness. This will surely become a phenomenal turning point in your life.
Why should I attend Ulchemy?
What is Ulchemy? It is an ultimate transformation. It is a two-day process-oriented experiential program where some tools would be given to experiment. The tools have to be implemented in a simple three-step process: •…

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