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I entered this hall as an Ayurvedic Doctor but now I stand as a Spiritual Doctor. I feel like floating in air, in fact this is the first level and I am looking forward to further levels.

Muthu Vijaysree, Medical Student

The Greatest challenge of losing weight has happened effortlessly after attending ulchemy (I lost 4 kgs within a month)

Mr.Ramadoss, Senior Manager – Vigilance, M/s. HPCL, Chennai.

I am completely out of my 15 years of diabetes after attending this program, without consuming any tablets

Mr.Jawahar, Producer, M/s. Ayngaran International Films, Chennai.

Whatever, be the circumstance, I am experiencing only happiness around me, and it gets reflected in all of my works and people around me.

Mr.Loganatha, Director, M/s. RK Nature Club, Coimbatore.

Ulchemy is a powerful holistic program which made me to see my goals and a clear path to achieve it. It has increased my ability to focus on whatever I do.

M.RathikAdhithya, Student, Manchester International School, Coimbatore.

Everyday is a new, beautiful and blessed day for me and I am always cheerful, enerygetic and I found the true purpose of life through Ulchemy

Mr. R. Balaji, KCR Foundation, Coimbatore.


How to Handle Stress and Stressful Situations
How to Handle Stress and Stressful Situations

To do so let us understand what stress is. We make a mental picture and define in our minds that this is how our lives should be. But if life does not turn out that…

Why Should I attnd Ulchemy
Why should I attend Ulchemy?

What is Ulchemy: it is an ultimate transformation. It is a two-day process-oriented experiential programme where some tools would be given to experiment. The tools have to be implemented in a simple three-step process. Firstly,…

How to remain happy forever Ulchemy
How to be Remain Happy Forever

Happiness is not something to be achieved. It has always been with us; we are losing it frequently. By default, any human being is happy as per his/her natural state. In this hi-tech world, we…

Hidden Message in Neerukku Nandri Ulchemy
Hidden Secrets about Water that will surprise you

What if we told you, the water you drink has feelings and can understand what you think ? What if we told you that water can show its happiness, anger, gratitude and love with you?…

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