No matter how busy or stressful your day, we find solace and comfort in our home. Our rooms in office is also surrounded by four walls but there is something special at home.

We have our own favorite spaces at our home which are present for specific purposes. We have our dining room where we eat, our living room with the TV (where we eat most of the time) and cozy bedrooms which help us to recharge for the next busy day.

Meditation is a very important daily routine that recharges your mind and it deserves not just your time but a calm and serene space.

For the ones with kids who are reading this and wondering what does calm and serene mean, do not worry. We will now see how you can create your own small meditation space at your home.

1.​ ​Keep​ ​it​ ​private

It has to be just you and the space. Turn off your mobile phones and keep them elsewhere. If you have a spare room with a door, you can turn that into a meditation room. When the door of the room is closed, even your family members will know you are not to be disturbed. If you do not have a door, you can use a folding screen to create the privacy. If the room is away from the buzzing roads and traffic, it is an even greater pick.

2.​ ​Keep​ ​it​ ​beautiful

It is your private space and it is important to filled with things that make you feel calm and comfortable. The preferences vary from person to person. Human beings are drawn to natural light and it is a great move to set aside the space near a window. The more beautiful the place is, the more you will want to go there. It may be statues of Buddha’s face, candles, fresh flowers, flower pots or anything that makes you feel good. Feel free to use pillows or cushions too.

3.​ ​Keep​ ​it​ ​simple

We have an eye for clutter and so it’s recommended to keep our meditation space secluded and away from clutter. All you need is a place to sit calmly and it can even be in your balcony. Through your favorite things like flowers and candles, place them a bit away so that you do not get distracted.

4.​ ​Keep​ ​it​ ​sacred

When we say sacred, its nothing to do with being religious or spiritual. You should associate this place in your home with calmness or being mindful. If you use this space to have fun or play, when you come back here for meditating, you will start remembering those times. This space is yours but you will come here only when you need to meditate or concentrate on yourself calmly. This will also help the mind to understand it is getting into a calm zone devoid of distractions.

5.​ ​Keep​ ​it​ ​fragrant​ ​and​ ​light

Light pastel shades work better for a meditation space than bright colors. You can also consider putting up a wallpaper that signifies calmness to you. You may also choose a fragrance of your choice or you can have incense sticks or aromatic oils too. Each person associates a fragrance with a feeling and if a fragrance makes you feel at ease, go for it.

The above simple steps can help you create a meditation space at your home. The more pleasant and comfortable your meditation space is, the more calmness you will enjoy.

Share a picture of your meditation space in the comments for others to take inspiration from.


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