What is Ulchemy?
It is an ultimate transformation. It is a two-day process-oriented experiential program where some tools would be given to experiment. The tools have to be implemented in a simple three-step process:
• Firstly, applying the tools.
• Secondly, once applied, observing the internal experience.
• Thirdly, once it is experienced, there will be a tremendous understanding from within.
Now this wisdom is already present inside each of us. Ulchemy is just an unlocking process. There is absolutely no teaching or training here. It is not a knowledge impartation program, as it is impossible to unlock your unlimited potential by listening to a lecture or watching a video, or by reading a book.

All through your lives you have been accumulating knowledge and understanding through books, watching or listening to lectures. Many things in life don’t always happen through these three modes. For example, to learn how to ride a bicycle, you can’t learn by reading or watching a video or by listening to a lecture on bicycle riding. You have to sit on it and practically experience it first-hand. You may fall ‘n’ number of times but ‘n+1th’ time the lesson is learned. There is an understanding that happens within you which must be experienced. Even if there is a long duration gap since the last time you rode a bicycle, wouldn’t you still be able to ride it today? Of course, you will. Once this learning has developed within, you cannot forget it as it is not related to memory but something beyond that. Likewise, to invoke wisdom which already exists within, you need to go through a process which will transform your life.

Through this incredible transformation, you will get rid of all your problems; the fundamentals of life, which people have missed, will become clear; all your desires/wishes will be fulfilled as you will have complete clarity about your path to success. There are only two problems in life: body related and mind related. Rest all fall under these two broad categories. These problems occur only because you have not understood either the mind or the body. If you don’t understand the software and/or the hardware, then how will you run this computer? Instead of trying to solve the individual problems, find the root cause and resolve it. Automatically the rest of the problems vanish. You will be cured of all diseases, ailments and psychological problems without medication or a need to visit the doctor. Straightaway you can lie down in the graveyard blissfully. No therapy required. Let’s take the example of a huge tree having plenty of leaves. It is struck by a disease which is visible on all its leaves. There is no need to treat each and every leaf. The problem is not in the leaf but in its root. Once you treat the root, the disease will be cured. In this internet driven world, everyone knows what tablet to consume or what treatment to be given for an illness. There is no need to visit a doctor as you all have become half doctors yourselves. But do you know why that illness arose in the first place? You need to be sensitive to the body to understand it.

For example, you take a motorcycle. There are two categories of people, one who is extremely passionate about it and rectifies the smallest problem immediately. Other, who waits until the motorcycle breaks down completely and only then repairs it. Many are in the second category when it comes to taking care of the body. If you are stuck with an illness, it did not occur today. It has started long back but you were insensitive towards it. If the seed of fever or cold is sown inside the body and if I am sensitive towards it, I will clear it immediately so that I will not fall ill in future. If I ignore, I may fall ill the very next month. Likewise, the reason for stress and anxiety is that you don’t understand the mind and are insensitive towards it. If you become sensitive, all your mental problems get resolved.

99.99% of the people in this world have missed the fundamentals of life. Lookingback in time from childhood until now, why have you been doing so many thingssuch as studying, working, marrying, bearing children, accumulating knowledge,hoarding money, etc., have you asked yourself what is the purpose of doing allthese? Ultimately everybody wants “Happiness”. Let’s see how happy you were when you were young and compare it gradually as time elapsed. If a graph is plotted, I am sure you don’t see a rising graph but a gradually declining one. When you were born, you did not do anything to be happy. You were naturally happy but over a period of time, this happiness deteriorated. The reason is that, you have been associating happiness to external factors such as wealth, relationships, children, job, knowledge which is where the fundamentals are messed up. Happiness is nowhere related to these external factors but, is a choice and an individual’s freedom to experience it. If you are happy and live blissfully all the time, there will be an incredible energy flow inside the body and you will be connected to the cosmos. Only a happy person can be energetic as this is the way the cosmos works. You don’t feel tired at all. But if you are sad or anxious, then it drains you out and the energy gets dissipated.

The body is the most sophisticated gadget. Science has declared that only 1-1.5% of the body is used to its fullest potential. We are a fortunate country as it has produced many masters and saints who have revealed 100% of this sophisticated gadget and utilized it to its fullest potential. Looking at it as knowledge acquisition is the reason why we falter. Rather it has to be experienced. Hence in the two-day program, using the tools of the masters, we will dismantle you and reassemble everything inside you. On completion, your happiness will never decline. We will help you unlock your potential and give you the key to open up the doors to happiness. This will surely become a phenomenal turning point in your life.


  • Latha
    Posted October 7, 2019 12:02 am 0Likes

    Dear Sir,
    I would like to attend the two days program Ulchemy Transformation. Currently, I am living in Singapore. I am coming to Coimbatore on 23/10/2019. I will be there till 29/10/2019. Is it possible shall I attend the program on those days? Please let me know.

  • John Baskar
    Posted October 15, 2019 2:01 pm 0Likes


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