What if we told you the water you drink has feelings and can understand what you think?

What if we told you that water can show its happiness, anger, gratitude and love with you?

Does this sound like a fairy tale? Everyone who reads this for the first time will not believe it to be true. Let us dive deep into what the above facts are all about.

Mr Masaru Emato​, a Japanese Scientist and scholar dedicated 40 years in his research about water. His finding is incredible and he has penned a book called “ The Hidden Messages in Water “ ​which is a New York Times bestseller that elucidates his findings.

In his research, he has carried out tests which include reception of water to music, words that mean emotions like anger, thank you, love, hate and more.

The response of water molecules to music is a very interesting one. When classical music and Beethoven’s symphony was played, the water molecules formed a delicate and beautiful crystal structure. It had lovely detail.

On the other hand, when violent and heavy rock music was played the water crystal structure was malformed and fragmented at best. Our bodies are made up of water. When we are born, our body contains 78% of water​ and
when we become an adult, the percentage drops down to 55-60% of water​ and when we grow old, it goes below 50%. Throughout our life, the vital nutrients needed for our well-being are transported inside the body through the medium of water.

Imagine if words or music can affect the molecular structure of water, then our thoughts are the most powerful ones and it has a great impact on the water inside the body. The feelings we express are instantly expressed in the molecular structure of water inside us.

Being positive or happy on the outside will keep things fruitful on the inside. This is such a cool thing to know and practice in our day to day life.

When you thank someone for their efforts to help you, they will be happy to be of more help to you. If you do not thank them at all, they will think twice before helping you the next time. Being thankful is the most common human emotion and it is time we acknowledge Water for the role it plays in our existence.

Our flagship movement “Neerukku Nandri “ ​(“Thank you Water“) is aimed at spreading awareness about the power of water and what we should practice receiving water in abundance. The majority of the problems in the world causes due to water shortage and once we start receiving water in abundance, the livelihood of millions of people will improve positively.

We are Water as long as it is inside us and let’s treat water with respect and gratitude it deserves.

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