Advanced Ulchemy

“Why am I born?”, “What is the purpose of my existence?”, “How is my previous birth connected to this birth?”, “Where do I go after this birth?”, “Why get married?”, “Why get entangled in the so called social life?” – Questions like these cross your mind very often? As life progresses and many more questions entering our minds, we feel we are losing our sense of balance and sanity. Amongst this chaos, we are in search of ways to clear the fog. Then my dear seeker, you are looking for answers that define your entire existence and the way forward for a more fulfilling and divine state
of life itself. These are answers that a guru who has mastered this art called life can enlighten you with.

And that is what we bring to you in Advanced Ulchemy. A one day programme where Guru Mithreshiva brings you into the limelight of true realization. Find the way to get our lives on the track we were meant to be and get answers to multiple questions revolving around life. As this day progresses, you will find yourself easing into a state of eternal harmony and clarity that will last a lifetime. Travel with the master to learn the stepping stones to attain the life that will be truly lived and reach what you have sought the most – THE DIVINE. In this programme, you will experience a state of being like never before and the way forward is a beautiful journey of assured bliss.

Glimpse of the effects

After Advanced Ulchemy, find answers to the many mysteries of life you have been accumulating since you opened your eyes to this world. Witness your life getting more holistic as you piece the missing parts with wisdom from the master. Challenges in all aspects of life will no longer haunt you and you will start to look at them as a play to handle with shrewd acumen. Decision making will become your forte and you will frame the life that you always dreamed of. Life is an art and gain access to the science behind it – the reason behind your birth, the reason for death and how one should live in between these two points. Get the knowledge to frame a clear path to truth and the biggest revelation to those who seek the truth. You will propel your way forward for truth in a expedited momentum.

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