Dakshina Foundation is a non-religious, non-profit, human service rganization, initiated with a divine mission of bringing quality difference to the smothering life style of people who are caught up in an intricate web of the fast track modern era. Dakshina Foundation strives with unstinted focus to facilitate people to unwind and cultivate their hidden potential, channelize their thoughts and actions towards enhancing productivity in all their respective spheres. Needless to emphasize, the foundation pursuits inspire individuals and society at large with its well – researched programs to not only bring about an experiential understanding but also to encompass a positive outlook towards everything that a participant aspires for in life.

“Dakshina” refers to Dakshinamurti, a personification of Shiva, who is the ultimate guru of all types of knowledge. He is worshipped as the God of wisdom, complete and rewarding meditation. As per scriptures, if a person doesn’t have a Guru, then they can consider and worship Lord Dakshinamurtias their Guru. Eventually they will be blessed with a human Self-Realized Guru, if they are worthy. The Divine Guru is a guide in exploring the subtler dimensions of life and a facilitator to realize the potential within. By giving in yourself to the Divine Guru, one can transform oneself into a higher possibility by realizing the great potential within.

Dakshina Saga

The main pursuit of the Dakshina foundation is to impart the ultimate knowledge among people and nurture the true purpose of life experientially. This is the most fundamental knowledge which will lead individuals to ultimate freedom and by doing so the whole society will be in perfect harmony with the nature. To unfold the dreams of each individual and show them tools on how this can be achieved with extreme clarity and precision. On reaching this milestone, one will naturally realize the
true purpose/goal of life.

To create awareness among youth about this ultimate knowledge and thriving for human empowerment by enabling them in building a successful career without compromising one’s dreams and aspirations. To inspire the society on how this knowledge and wisdom can help them in not only living a disease-free life but also coming out of all ailments physical and mental traumas. All this this can happen by just experiencing the ultimate transformation program called Ulchemy. ‘Individual transformation is universal transformation. If we want to transform the world, each individual has to be transformed’. This is our mission and goal to strive to take this knowledge to all corners of the

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