Strengthening Dakshina’s Foundation

Dakshina Foundation is solely run with the funds from the people around the world. It is one of the active Non-Profit organizations operating for the transformation of lives on the earth.

Raised: 50000.00 INR 400000.00 INR 50000.00 INR

Transcendence of Dakshina’s Commune

You dont show a plant to grow, you set the right environment, it will naturally flourish on it’s own – an analogy our guruji uses to explain the flow of divine energy into our beings.

Raised: 500000.00 INR 7500000.00 INR 500000.00 INR

Mahashivarathri – The night of the Divine!

Mahashivarathiri is an event that shapes creativity and enhances the mindfulness. This notable happening occurs once in every year. People love to skip their sleep on this auspicious occasion gathering with their neighbours and relatives.

Raised: 10000.00 INR 2000000.00 INR 10000.00 INR

Neerukku Nandri

Neerukku Nandri Movement is a volunteer-based initiative established for the spreading of love towards the water. This legendary movement is lead by Guruji Mithreshiva and the energetic contributors around the globe.

Raised: 750000.00 INR 1500000.00 INR 750000.00 INR