Neerukku Nandri

Before we go further into the topic, Getting the thought of contributing to this spectacular revolution. If land upon this web page itself means that Water had brought you here and wanted you to assist us in our journey to spread the marvellous truths about water to everyone on earth!

The universe always exists in synchrony with every living being to provide one harmonious unity. Every living being by default ensures harmony in the world. What separates other living beings from Human beings is the fact that we have complete freedom. Freedom to become either a divine god or an evil monster. The three Energies that exist coherently with each other are the Creator, Protector and Destroyer energies. Only when a human being tuned into the frequency of the creator energy, he/she becomes the purest of souls and thinks of the society as their own family.

Everyone in this world is given an abundance of various resources. These resources may be fame, financial status, knowledge base and logistical support. These were given to you for a reason. To protect the existence and ensure peace and harmony around the globe.

Water has always been the source of all creations on earth. She is, always has and will continue to give you an abundance of resources. The biggest secret of all successful people is that they always are in the nature of giving.

Giving back to someone would get you something. Giving back to Water will give you plenty of fold than what you gave to her. Just like small drops make a big ocean, every small donation that you make can transform the world into a better place to live in.

Come, join us on our journey to transform the world with the abundance of resources that you’ve got from Water and from the Universe!


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