Transcendence of Dakshina’s Commune

You don’t show a plant to grow, you set the right environment, it will naturally flourish on its own – an analogy our Guruji uses to explain the flow of divine energy into our beings. He sets the right conditions and the connection with the ultimate creator automatically happens. This is the transformation he has been bringing about for thousands of people. As this thousands turn into lakhs, we feel saddened to limit the crowd to accommodate them for programs. 

Hence, at this juncture of our rapid proliferation, we have initiated a project to build the Dakshina foundation a physical environment for the divine Colosseum. This place will accommodate souls by the thousands every week and take them on a journey of transformation. This place will witness the birth of a thousand Buddhas and will be a spring of divine beings. Along with this, we plan to establish a support team of media and admin to help us spread the message.


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