A noble leader and a spiritual guru blessed with the realization of life at a tender age, he has since then had this vision of life transformation for man. It is his life’s mission now, to spread this miracle far and wide across the world.

Journey to Humantiy

Founder of Dakshina Foundation GURU MITHRESHIVA

Guru Mithreshiva is the Founder of Dakshina Foundation, a non-profit organization that aims to transform at least 10 crore individuals in leading a purpose driven life. He is also the brainchild behind ‘Ulchemy’, a much-sought-after and critically acclaimed experiential learning program geared towards transforming individuals. He is the perfect blend of admirable virtues and unparalleled values that are seldom found together in today’s fast-paced world,

He is a thought leader, a friend and an inspiring teacher for tens of thousands of people who meet him. His simple and straightforward teachings bring out a blend of spiritual and moral evolution in the minds of the listeners. Being an ardent practitioner of Yoga and an advocate of spirituality for the past 25 years, he travels extensively within India and abroad touching the lives of thousands of people and creating positive ripples everywhere.

Leader of Ulchemy

What people feel


To transform at least 10 Crore individuals to realize their fullest potential. To make people feel the GRATITUDE towards the supreme lord of the Cosmos, the keeper of divine order, root cause of the birth and sustainability of all living and non-living beings in the world which is none other than WATER By creating a movement NEERUKKU NANDRI- the only solution to bring water.

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