“Silence is golden”, a saying in realization in this program. And in this silence you can realize yourself. Maya, karma, ego, jealousy, lust, anger etc.- few of the many emotions that rule us. A seeker looks to move beyond all these emotions into a state that he has been yearning for – a state he is unable to define. For this seeker, Dakshina foundation brings to you it’s paramount programme – Kaivalya. The word itself means the process of becoming one with the universe.  This is a seven day residential programme delivered in complete silence. Yes, you read it right – complete silence. Discover the path to liberation in these 7 days and you will realize the power of just existing in oneself. And in this oneself you realize you are one with the larger universe.

Rid yourself from EVERYTHING to experience true and complete freedom with that one powerful tool guruji will enlighten you with. The most powerful Yogakriya. This is the one and only key that can connect you with the ultimate divine. Taking you to a state of placid aloneness, experiencing a calm like never before. This is not to be understood as loneliness, but to be alone and absolutely fulfilled, totally oneself and completely free. The people, the objects and everything around you will not have any effect upon you and endears you to a fulfilling divine fold. You cease to be earthly and become one with the universe. Words can’t define this state, but is best to be experienced. Feel the decreasing weight of the world lighten your shoulders and your soul breath a refreshed breath of life.

Glimpse of the effects

You will experience all your learning from Advanced Ulchemy in Kaivalya. Reflect your thoughts and desires exactly onto reality. Life will progresses into an autopilot mode – completely free flowing with the continuous tune of a song within silence. You will become a witness to your own life with complete awareness. Love and gratitude thrives from within and will give you the experiential realization that you and all that around you are not different but one soul incarnated in many. Yet, you stand alone and detached from everything. After this, gratitude becomes a part and parcel of your livelihood with calmness, peace of mind and clarity as your constant companions. The mind gets honed to be razor sharp. The yoga kriya and lifestyle wisdom you gain here puts you on an undeterred path to truth with an angelic stead forward speed. This tool is of herculean strength and is bestowed upon us with the blessings of our Guruji.

After this program, I have a clear understanding of what my dreams are. Where I need to go and what is the very purpose of my life.

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