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The learnings of Ulchemy is inculcated into the core of our way of living in Ulchemy Plus. This is an experiential program from Dakshina Foundation to liberate you from the burdens of life and give a more harmonious existence. This three day program is a residential initiative that takes you away from all the chaos of this world to a serene place whose spectacular vision alone will drift you off into the next realm. Through the course of Ulchemy plus, you mind, body and soul gets renewed and gives a state of mental placidity, stability and physical vigor. Feel a new zeal surge within the mind, body and soul that will allow us to take on life with a selfless hold.

In this program, we get utmost clarity on life. We get an understanding of who we really and are set free of our fears, anxiety, hatred, jealously, ego, anger and so many sins that have shackled us over the many years of living. Feel the elevation as Guruji takes away all of this and bestow us a renewed life and self that feels a connection with every being in this world. The karma we have accumulated over the years and births is shattered and sets in a confidence and an ultimate freedom nothing else can buy.  Loving others regardless of their status, creed, past etc. becomes an innate quality – a nature of the divine. An experience for a lifetime, Ulchemy plus changes the our lives from every dimensional aspect.

Glimpse of the effects

After Ulchemy Plus, you will see yourself taking life as a play when compared to the serious version you had previously. You approach and see life with more joy and love. Freeing yourself from the past and future, witness yourself living in the moment and realizing the power of NOW. Life is filled with love and exuding it to the other beings around you makes it all the more blissful. Love will be the only way of life and dark emotions will no longer linger on. Get tuned into the natural frequency a human is born and ought to be in. Life will become a dance harmonious with nature and you will breeze through life like a free flowing feather. Exist beyond the body and mind into a realm that is Godly – the core of your being

After this program, I have a clear understanding of what my dreams are. Where I need to go and what is the very purpose of my life.

Manigandan, M.D. Cratio Software Pvt Ltd.

All this while, I didn’t know where life was taking me. But from now on, I know where I should take my life.

Mr.Praveen, Balaji Diamonds.

I realised what it takes to become a human being and not cause any more human doings. I’m happy that I know how to live life the blissful way!

Mr.Vijay, NTT Data,Singapore.

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