allows you to analyze life to find what you truly desire for

An arrow fixated on it’s target and ONLY it’s target in never bound to miss it. The same applies for life and this is what VISION ULCHEMY imparts to us. It’s your vision that keeps you truly alive with a purpose to focus on. And in that purpose do we find a meaning for life itself. With a vision in focus, you transcend beyond the present to visualize the future and ultimately create it. A vision is to be set for all aspects of life right from the physical, mental, moral, emotional, spiritual and career aspects. As it is all these aspects that come together to make a life wholesome and fulfilled in achieving them. This program brings to you the very tools and guidance that allows you to analyze life in these aspects to find what you truly desire for.

When you have a clear vision in mind, it becomes effortless to manifest it in reality. Thoughts transcend into materialistic form when earnestly and effortlessly sought. Learn the timeless powerful tools to help you create the MAP OF YOUR NEW LIFE. Vision Ulchemy is an 8 hour program conducted by Ulchemist and the master himself, Guru Mithreshiva which will transform you into a powerhouse and you start “CHOOSING” and “ARCHITECTING” everything in your life, i.e., your love, your health, your wealth, your happiness and your DESTINY. Enroll for a path to a new destiny written for you by you and from the universe.

Glimpse of the effects

After vision, get a clear path to your future and architect the way forward with absolute confidence and a will of steel. You will have a clear picture of what you want out of life in so many aspects – career, personal, family, society, health and wealth. Guru imparts to you powerful tools that will enhance your ability to visualize the future and the ways to get there. Envision your life years ahead and witness the universe pave way through nature to fulfill all your desires. The transpiring of your dreams to reality will give you many breaths taking moments that will leave you completely awe struck. You will not only be gaining for yourself but also, nurture a form of living that provides bounty to all those around you through you. Gain to access the unlimited. This is the magic lamp to unleash the genie within you.

After this program, I have a clear understanding of what my dreams are. Where I need to go and what is the very purpose of my life.

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